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Support Your Pirates with a Pearl Public Schools Specialty License Plate!

How does the tag help?

This is an easy way to support the programs of the Pearl Educational Foundation for Excellence. PEFFE receives $24.00 of each Pearl Tag! PEFFE sponsors grants to teachers, enrichment from experts grants, scholarships, and many other programs that enhance the educational experience for Pearl Students. Show your Pirate Pride and help support a great organization with a Pearl Tag!

Who benefits?

The Pearl Educational Foundation for Excellence directly benefits the students of the Pearl Public School District.  Visit our Facebook page to learn more about us! 

How do I get a Pearl Tag? Cost?

The cost of the tag is $33.00 in addition to the normal price of your car tag. This fee is due at renewal every year if you wish to keep your Pearl Tag. Simply visit your local tax collector’s office, pay the specialty tag fee, and you will be notified when your tag is ready.  You do NOT have to be a resident of Pearl or even Rankin County to be able to purchase a Pearl tag!  


Contact the Pearl Educational Foundation for Excellence by email at

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